Midi Madness 3 Introduction

In this video, Jim explains the basics of loading up and using Midi Madness 3. Midi Madness 3 has some new features, including polyphony and the ability to host a synth directly in the plugin.

Midi Madness 3 - Midi CCs

Jim explains how to create MIDI CC data, and how to send MIDI data to a synth that has MIDI learn enabled. He also explains how the new glide features work.

Midi Madness 3 - Freestyle and Swing

Midi Madness 3 has a few new ways to playback. Here, the new freestyle mode is explained, allowing unlimited data to be created on the fly.

Midi Madness 3 - Trigger Mode

Along with the new freestyle mode, Midi Madness 3 also has a new trigger mode. This mode lets you repitch incoming MIDI notes to fit in the key you have chosen.

Midi Madness 3 - Your Own Riffs

A new feature of Midi Madness 3 is that you can drop if your own riff from your DAW, and add new MIDI data to the sequence. Here Jim shows how you can automate a parameter in Massive on a pre-made clip.

Midi Madness 3 - Drum and Bass

Here's a little taster of making a DnB bassline using Midi Madness 3.

Midi Madness 3 - House Vibes

Here Jim has a little play making a simple house organ bassline.